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High Quality Tree Care in Colorado

We are a full-service tree care company offering science-based tree care techniques. Our motto is to protect you and your trees.

Altitude Arborist, LLC is a family owned and operated company and ready to care for your trees.

We are committed to safe work practices, quality customer service and are fully licensed and insured.

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Caring for your trees so they last generations

We are a full service tree care company offering science-based tree care techniques. Hire a licensed ISA Certified Arborist for your tree needs in order to protect you and your trees.

Altitude Arborist:

Altitude Arborist offers quality tree care to homeowners. Colorado and surrounding cities have many desirable neighborhoods, great schools, and beautiful parks. Residents and business owners tend to appreciate their community, as well as the many sights and events that make your city a happening place to be.

The lush trees in Colorado require proper upkeep and care from knowledgeable people. With focused education and support, you can have your trees cared for while learning to care for them yourself. Altitude Arborist seeks to provide high-level care for these trees by training homeowners on the ins and outs of tree care. At Altitude Arborist, we believe everyone should know how to take care of the planet.
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