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Tree Removal

We have arborists on staff capable of hand climbing trees in more remote areas of the landscape where our bucket truck cannot be utilized and the tree is safe to climb and remove.

Cable and Bracing

Any time there is a cable or brace installed in a tree it must be regularly evaluated by a certified arborist to make sure the components are intact, properly installed and functioning.

Stump Grinding

We can grind any size stump. Generally stumps are ground 6-8 inches below the surrounding landscape grade.

Tree Pruning

Proper pruning over the course of a tree’s life will help prevent the tree from failing, minimize storm damage, and reduce the maintenance cost of each pruning cycle.

Tree and Shrub Planting

We take our planting seriously and feel it is our opportunity to give back to the environment.

Emergency Services

There is never a good time for a tree to fail, but unfortunately it does happen. Sometimes it’s a heavy spring snow, a strong wind event, or simply old age and decline that can cause a tree to fail. In the event of unexpected tree failure, we are here to help.


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