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Altitude Arborist is Committed to the Erie Community and the Health of the Planet

At Altitude Arborist, we are a highly specialized tree care company that believes in providing the best service to our customers. We are committed to excellence and safety in our practices. We educate homeowners on taking care of trees, investing time into making our planet healthier. Our expert arboriculture team strives for customer satisfaction every step of the way- from designing solutions tailored specifically for your trees and shrubs, to exceeding arborist standards. We also believe in serving our community through participation in community clean-up days, sponsorship of local sports teams, and donations to local schools. When you hire Altitude Arborist, you’re making an investment in our community and our planet.

Plant Care that’s Always a Cut Above


As one of the leading tree care companies in Erie, Altitude Arborist is committed to utilizing eco-friendly methods and a safe work environment while providing excellent customer service. At Altitude Arborist, we guarantee you and your trees will be treated well and receive personalized attention from start to finish. Our comprehensive services include:
Stump Grinding

If a customer would like to see the entire tree removed including the stump we can accommodate that! We can grind any size stump. Generally stumps are ground 6-8 inches below the surrounding landscape grade. For many stumps, the grinding will remove a majority of the root ball and some of the lateral roots.

Tree Removal

We own a bucket truck with a 65 foot reach to aid us in the removal of trees where access is adequate. We have arborists on staff capable of hand climbing trees in more remote areas of the landscape where our bucket truck cannot be utilized and the tree is safe to climb and remove.

Family Owned & Operated
ISA Arborist Certified
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Tree and Shrub Planting

Storm Damage Cleanup and Emergency Tree Removal

Plant Health Care, Pest Control, & Disease Management

Tree Pruning and Preservation

Emerald Ash Borer Prevention

Stump Removal and Tree Stump Grinding

Tree Care and Tree Service in Erie

Tree Removal

Tree and Shrub Deep Root Fertilization Service

Commercial, HOA, and Property Management Tree Services

Creating the World we We Long for


Altitude Arborist is a tree and plant care service that loves to go above-and-beyond for all of our clients, their plants, and the Erie community. We are always on point when it comes to safety, quality workmanship, ethics code adherence, and education provision. We will work with you to build a happy, healthy world.
The Altitude Arborist


At Altitude Arborist, we strive to create customers for life. We’ve been fortunate to serve many of our customers for the last 5 years straight. We strive to care for your tree like you are family. With 2 ISA Certified Arborists and degreed forester on staff, you know that you’re going to get expert services and the right care for your trees and plants.

We are a family-owned company that is committed to making sure you feel like you are a part of the family. We are committed to the highest standards of safety practices while providing exceptional customer service.

With the ever-changing climate landscape, Erie trees require updated techniques and modern plant care measures to properly care for your plants and trees. We provide the most scientific method for tree pruning, tree removals, cable and bracing systems, storm damage mitigation, tree planting, stump grinding, and plant health care.

Altitude Arborist – Advanced Tree Care has provided expert tree services on the Colorado Front Range since 2016 and If you want your trees to be cared for the right way, contact us!


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