Altitude Arborist Services

Staffed by highly trained personnel, including I.S.A Certfied arborists and licensed plant health care specialists, we are committed to providing our customers with reliable, professional tree care service. Altitude Arborist, a leader in the tree care industry, is dedicated to the proper planting and care of trees. We offer unique services customized to your specific property. Contact us today for a free estimate or to schedule a diagnosis or consultation.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal is an important part of tree service. It is done to remove dangerous, decayed, and undesired trees.





Altitude Arborist can help you find that perfect tree, shrub or plant you desire with an affordable price. Our certified tree planting service technicians can answer all your tree planting, pruning and arborist questions with a treasure of knowledge in correct tree care.

Hedge Shearing & Pruning

Hedge Shearing & Pruning cleans up and beautifies the shrubbery around your home.





Tree Pruning

Our crews at Altitude Arborist provide expert tree pruning as prescribed by our ISA certified arborists. We understand that your trees are an investment, and that’s why our certified arborists specialize in every aspect of a tree’s heath, targeting specific branches and limbs to increase the long-term and overall health of the tree. 

Storm Damage Mitigation

We carefully clear away dangerous trees, branches and storm debris so your business can continue safely. Call us for prompt, professional service when storm damage occurs.




Insect, Disease, and Injury Diagnosis

Our Certified Arborists are degreed as well as certified by the International Society of Arboriculture. We provide a full tree inspection and gather information as to possible changes that could have led to the decline of the tree.



Cable & Bracing

Failure of a large branch or trunk can result in property damage, personal injury, or the decline of a tree’s health.  Cables and bracing rods are tools arborists use to protect or improve the structural integrity of trees.


Tree Construction Mitigation

Trees are one of a property owner’s most valuable assets, not only for their aesthetic value, but also for the benefits they provide for shade, soil retention, oxygen, and its fruit. When construction is planned, care should be taken to preserve as many trees as possible.

Defensible Space Implementation

Defensible space does not mean removing all vegetation from around your home. Defensible space means modifying and maintaining vegetation to reduce the intensity and speed of a wildfire when it reaches your home.


Stump Grinding

If we have removed or tree or if someone has left you with a stump you wish to disappear, we can take care of your stump grinding needs.



A Consultation with Altitude Arborist is the first step in determining the condition of your trees and their needs.


Yard Clean-Up

Got leaves and debris? We are here to help. We will gladly come out to your property in the fall and spring to help with general yard clean-up.


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