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Trees with many stems or weak branches often need additional support to prevent or minimize the risk of failure. Cable and bracing services are used as additional structural supports. They are installed by the trained and experienced arborists at Altitude Arborist after a comprehensive inspection and diagnosis.

The trees on your property are important and deserve the best care available to ensure their health and safety. When that care means cables and bracing, you need to find a company that is guaranteed to do things right with science-based, industry-standard materials and methods. You need Altitude Arborist.

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Expert Cable and Bracing Services
At Altitude Arborist, we offer full-service tree care to homeowners in Colorado. Our team is knowledgeable in modern care techniques and skilled in effective implementation, allowing us to provide safe and productive care for your trees.

Our services include Cable and Bracing which give supplemental support to your trees.


Most cables are made of extra-strength steel. Our team attaches them to the tree’s upper crown by bolts, in order to prevent the movement of certain branches. This helps to prevent failure of the supported branches, especially during those intense Colorado storms.


Braces are thread rods that are expertly installed through multiple weak branches and stems. They are used as a way to add stronger, more rigid support for the moving and twisting that can happen during harsh weather and storms.

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We handle all tree services including: ​
Colorado Science-Based Tree Care

Take Care of the Environment by Taking Care of Your Trees

Taking care of your trees and shrubs is important for the overall look and safety of your property, as well as for the environment. With our science-based tree care services, we provide constructive and meaningful care for your trees, while giving you the education you need to proactively maintain them in a gentle, eco-friendly way. All of the care and treatment that your trees need comes from Altitude Arborist.
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Rest Assured, Your Trees are in Good Hands

The Altitude Arborist team has been working hard to build lasting, loyal clients since 2016. We offer the highest quality of customer service and tree care, ensuring that we always create an impactful experience. We have 2 ISA Certified Arborists on our team as well as degreed foresters, giving you the assurance that your trees will always get the absolute best care.

As a local, family-owned company, we strive to create a warm, inviting connection between you and our company. You’ll feel comfortable and at ease knowing that your trees are in the best hands.

Our science-based practices are consistently evaluated and updated based on current information. Our methods are modern and innovative, always following up-to-date techniques for cable and bracing systems, as well as tree pruning, tree removals, storm damage mitigation, tree planting, stump grinding, and plant health care.


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