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Get flawless tree care and learn all about the plants on your property. With Altitude Arborist, you will have the happiest and healthiest trees in Firestone.

Providing Pruning, Removal, Plant Health Advice and More


On the Northern edge of the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area, with a stand-out view of the Colorado Rocky Mountains, lies Firestone. The wide open spaces of Firestone, along with the abundant recreational activities and its modern edge, make it a well-loved community for both residents and visitors.

The Firestone Trail system is part of the Front Range Trail system, encompassing miles of trails with multiple outdoor adventure opportunities. Along with the activities for outdoor enthusiasts, Firestone also has modern developments in culture, including restaurants, shops, nightlife, and more. Each year, new residents flock to Firestone, one of the most beautiful and welcoming communities in Colorado.

Firestone homeowners care about their property. Their trees and plants are an asset to their homes, as well as to their world. With Altitude Arborist, you’ll get all your tree and plant needs taken care of. We try to make tree care affordable, performing accurate, onsite estimates after talking with you and observing your unique Firestone landscape.


Comprehensive Colorado Plant Care
Altitude Arborist is an expert tree and plant care company in Firestone. With our eco-friendly methods and safe practices, we are proud to always provide the highest-quality of tree and plant care. You will always receive top treatment, personalized customer service, and comprehensive education with Altitude Arborist. Our services include:
Stump Grinding

If a customer would like to see the entire tree removed including the stump we can accommodate that! We can grind any size stump. Generally stumps are ground 6-8 inches below the surrounding landscape grade. For many stumps, the grinding will remove a majority of the root ball and some of the lateral roots.

Tree Removal

We own a bucket truck with a 65 foot reach to aid us in the removal of trees where access is adequate. We have arborists on staff capable of hand climbing trees in more remote areas of the landscape where our bucket truck cannot be utilized and the tree is safe to climb and remove.

Family Owned & Operated
ISA Arborist Certified
Top Rated

Tree and Shrub Planting

Storm Damage Cleanup and Emergency Tree Removal

Plant Health Care, Pest Control, & Disease Management

Tree Pruning and Preservation

Emerald Ash Borer Prevention

Stump Removal and Tree Stump Grinding

Tree Care and Tree Service in Westminster

Tree Removal

Tree and Shrub Deep Root Fertilization Service

Commercial, HOA, and Property Management Tree Services

Creating a Brighter World, One Tree at a Time


At Altitude Arborist, we always go a cut above. We pride ourselves on our high-quality, science-backed work, our eco-friendly advice, our commitments to excellence and safety, and our overall professionalism. You can count on us to always clean up our debris and to leave the job site looking better than ever. We work hard, follow safe practices, and ensure that everything will be done seamlessly.
The Altitude Arborist


At Altitude Arborist, we strive to create customers for life. We’ve been fortunate to serve many of our customers for the last 5 years straight. We strive to care for your tree like you are family. With 2 ISA Certified Arborists and degreed foresters on staff, you know that you’re going to get expert services and the right care for your trees and plants.

We are a family-owned company that is committed to making sure you feel like you are a part of the family. We are committed to the highest standards of safety practices while providing exceptional customer service.

With the ever-changing climate landscape, Colorado’s trees required updated techniques and modern plant care measures to properly care for your plants and trees. We provide the most scientific method for tree pruning, tree removals, cable and bracing systems, storm damage mitigation, tree planting, stump grinding, and plant health care.

Altitude Arborist – Advanced Tree Care has provided expert tree services on the Colorado Front Range since 2016 and If you want your trees to be cared for the right way, contact us!


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