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Urban Wood Sustainability Program

Help Us Recycle Wood Chips, Firewood & Craft Wood

In keeping with our commitment to sustainable business practices, we’ve created the Urban Wood Sustainability Program to redistribute the excess wood left over from all our projects.

So if you have a need for wood chips, firewood, or high quality wood for crafting purposes, we offer a wide range of options available for pickup or delivery to your front door.

Our Process

When we have to remove a tree, we want to see the wood go to its highest possible use. This frees us up to offer wood from amongst several species, each with their own benefits and uses: ash, maple, pine, spruce, cottonwood, aspen, oak, locust, elm, and fruit trees.

Check out the special offerings below for ways in which you can participate.
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Wood Chips

Choose arborist wood chips for superior plant and soil health. Ideal for gardening, these recycled chips offer unmatched efficiency. We leave chips on-site during pruning or removal, benefitting local farms and homes. Delivery beyond our route incurs a $50 fee within 10 miles.



Fuel your fires affordably with locally sourced firewood. Our bundles offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution for year-round warmth. Larger diameter wood, not suitable for crafts, is processed into firewood—see pricing and specs in the firewood section.

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Craft Wood

Contact us to acquire craft wood from our urban wood program when we occasionally remove trees suitable for furniture or craft projects like wood turning.

Deep Root Fertilization
Our firewood is mixed urban wood including: ash, maple, pine, spruce, cottonwood, aspen, oak, locust, elm, fruit trees.
is by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule.
only includes delivery of firewood to your site. Stacking of firewood is $100/hour with a $200 minimum.
Delivery Fee
within 10 miles of our office is $50. Contact us for pricing for delivery beyond this radius
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