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Poorly maintained trees are subject to a litany of avoidable health problems, resulting in a sickly-looking yard and serious danger to your family and property. So if you want the best for your trees, our ISA-certified arborists have the experience and training to provide them with the best possible health care. ISA certification also ensures that specialists are up to date on the latest research and techniques for tree care. 

You should consider implementing our integrated for:

Deep Root Fertilization
Deep Root Fertilization helps maintain established trees and the successful establishment of new trees by providing the proper nutrition to encourage diverse microbial activity. We use a premium, long-lasting fertilizer formulated specifically for a healthier soil profile and more plant-available nutrients. The healthier the soil, the healthier the tree

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Ash trees that have been diagnosed with EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) need to be removed as soon as possible. Once a tree has been impacted by EAB, it will lose structural integrity much faster than a typical declining tree, leading to a higher risk of tree failure and potentially devastating outcomes. If your tree is a high-value tree, is overall structurally sound, important to your landscape, or has significant family meaning, it may be a good candidate for ongoing treatments
“Enhance the vitality of your trees with Integrated Plant Health Care, a comprehensive philosophy focused on their optimal well-being. Our nuanced approach encompasses proper pruning for growth and structural integrity, calculated nutrient supplementation, and targeted insect and disease control that prioritizes tree health and minimizes impact on native fauna. This proactive strategy caters to homeowners dedicated to fostering a thriving tree environment. Two standout treatments, backed by remarkable results, further exemplify our commitment to tree flourishing.”

We do more than just tree removal

We handle all tree services including:

  • Storm Damage Cleanup
  • Plant Health Care, Pest Control, & Disease
  • Management
  • Tree Pruning and Preservation
  • Emerald Ash Borer Prevention
  • Stump Removal and Tree Stump Grinding
  • Tree and Shrub Deep Root Fertilization Service
  • Commercial, HOA, and Property Management Tree Services
The Altitude Arborist

Altitude Arborist is dedicated to cultivating lifelong customer relationships, having served many for the past 5 years. With a familial approach, our team, including 2 ISA Certified Arborists and degreed foresters, ensures expert care for your trees. As a family-owned business, we prioritize safety and exceptional customer service, aiming to make you feel like part of our family. Adapting to Colorado’s changing climate, our modern, science-based methods cover tree pruning, removals, cable and bracing systems, storm damage mitigation, planting, stump grinding, and plant health care, delivering top-notch tree services since 2016. Contact Altitude Arborist for the right tree care.

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