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Ensure Long-Term Health for Your Trees with Science-Backed Treatment

Give Your Trees The Treatment They Deserve

Poorly maintained trees are subject to a litany of avoidable health problems, resulting in a sickly-looking yard and serious danger to your family and property. So if you want the best for your trees, our ISA-certified arborists have the experience and training to provide them with the best possible health care. ISA certification also ensures that specialists are up to date on the latest research and techniques for tree care. 

You should consider implementing our integrated for:

A Multi-Faceted Approach

For Arboreal Longevity

Everything You Need to Make Your Trees Flourish Integrated Plant Health Care is a multifaceted philosophy for creating the healthiest trees imaginable. This nuanced approach includes: 
  • Proper pruning and maintenance for growth and structural integrity
  • Calculated nutrient supplementation for overall vitality 
  • Targeted insect and disease control that eliminates threats to your trees without unnecessary destruction of native fauna 
This proactive approach helps homeowners who are serious about creating a flourishing environment for the trees on their property. Two specific treatments that have produced fantastic results are:

Deep Root Fertilization

Deep Root Fertilization helps maintain established trees and the successful establishment of new trees by providing the proper nutrition to encourage diverse microbial activity. We use a premium, long-lasting fertilizer formulated specifically for a healthier soil profile and more plant-available nutrients. The healthier the soil, the healthier the tree

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Ash trees that have been diagnosed with EAB (Emerald Ash Borer) need to be removed as soon as possible. Once a tree has been impacted by EAB, it will lose structural integrity much faster than a typical declining tree, leading to a higher risk of tree failure and potentially devastating outcomes. If your tree is a high-value tree, is overall structurally sound, important to your landscape, or has significant family meaning, it may be a good candidate for ongoing treatments

We Do More Than Just Tree Removal

We provide all of your tree care needs, from plant health care to complete tree removal. Our other services include:

The Altitude Arborist


Altitude Arborist is dedicated to creating customers for life. We’re fortunate to have served many of our customers for the last 5 years straight and strive to provide the same level of care for your trees as you would for your own family. With two ISA Certified Arborists and degreed foresters on staff, you can trust that you’re getting expert services and the right care for your trees and plants.

We are a family-owned business committed to making you feel like you’re part of the family too. We strive for the highest standards of safety practices and provide exceptional, memorable customer service.

The ever-shifting climate affects how we care for our trees. At our company, we use the most up-to-date techniques and methods to make sure your plants and trees stay healthy through every season. That includes science-informed tree pruning, removals, cable and bracing systems, storm damage mitigation, planting, stump grinding, and plant health care. We want to make sure your trees are taken care of properly so they can thrive for years to come.

Altitude Arborist – Advanced Tree Care has provided expert services to our Colorado trees since 2016 and if you want tree care done right, contact us!

1500+ Tree Service Requests Completed

They were able to remove a tree for me on very short notice and did an excellent job. And the price was reasonable. Would definitely use their services again in the future.
Jason Pardikes
Jason Pardikes
They removed 30 or so trees for our HOA. Fair price great service
AnaLee DeLaCerda
AnaLee DeLaCerda
Excellent service that was reliable and professional. They outlined all my options and made recommendations. They were very efficient and reasinbly priced. Definitely an excellent experience. Thank you!
Paul Beard
Paul Beard
Quick response both during inquiry of services and great communication when we had to reschedule due to weather.
I do not have any scrouples to recommend Altitude Arborist for tree removal. From the owner to workers they did a bangup job to remove my huge locus tree that had been struck by lightening. They have the right equipment to do a tree removal job. The price was very fair also.
Steve Jones
Steve Jones
Fertilize trees, Always there when they say they will be here And very professional and friendly
Trapper Searles
Trapper Searles
My go to for all things trees!!!!
very prompt service--very professional
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