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Our certified arborists can evaluate your ash trees and determine if Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is present. Not every tree is a good candidate for treatment against EAB, so it is important to evaluate each tree on a cases by case basis. If your tree is a high value tree,is overall structurally sound, important to your landscape, or has significant family meaning, it may be a good candidate for ongoing treatments.

Treatments for EAB must be done either annually or every other year depending on the treatment performed.  Sometimes it is more beneficial for the landscape and your wallet to remove a low-value ash tree and replace it with a tree that is more likely to thrive in the space without the need for continued treatment against EAB.

Ash trees that have been diagnosed with EAB need to be removed as soon as possible. Once a tree has been impacted by EAB, it will lose structural integrity much faster than a typical declining tree, leading to higher risk of tree failure and potentially devastating outcomes.


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