As trees continue to grow the canopy often becomes overgrown and may encroach on structures, or create other landscape concerns that can be addressed through pruning rather than full tree removal. Trees should be pruned on average every three to five years. Proper pruning is accomplished by removing up to 25% of the live canopy along with any dead branches in the tree while meeting the objectives of our customers and the needs of the trees. We utilize our bucket truck’s 65 foot reach where access is adequate or hand climb trees in areas where there is poor equipment access. 

Younger trees are also ideal candidates for pruning. When trees are young we are able to influence the structure of the tree for optimal future growth. Proper pruning over the course of a tree’s life will help prevent the tree from failing, minimize storm damage, and reduce the maintenance cost of each pruning cycle.


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What customers say about us

“Hunter and his crew did a great job cutting down and trimming out trees They kept all landscaping a flowers completely intact while cutting down three trees.  I will have them back in the fall.  Thanks for great service.”

Tom W.

Hunter Townsend

Certified Arborist