At Altitude Arborist we utilize several methods to remove dead, dying, or undesirable trees. We own a bucket truck with a 65 foot reach to aid us in the removal of trees where access is adequate. We have arborists on staff capable of hand climbing trees in more remote areas of the landscape where our bucket truck cannot be utilized and the tree is safe to climb and remove.

If the tree to be removed is too hazardous to climb, and we cannot get our bucket truck to the tree, then we may utilize the services of a crane to aid in the tree removal. The use of cranes provides a safe environment for our crews and leads to less ground disturbance. We can handle any tree removal small or large!

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What customers say about us

“They removed our Aspen tree and trimmed the Cherry Choke tree. They were fast, professional and cleaned up afterwards. Much appreciated!”

Steve T.

Hunter Townsend

Certified Arborist