Symptoms (abnormalities)

Leaf spots and blotches, stem dieback, cankers, poor growth, wilting, yellowing and galls

Causal Agents of Tree Stress

Causes of injury or disease can be either biotic or abiotic and more importantly if it is infectious to other trees in the area.

Abiotic stresses (environmentally caused) would include nutrients, water, air, temperature and salt stresses from excess fertilizer. Biotic stresses would include insects, bacteria, fungi and viruses to name just a few. 

Some Leading Causes of Tree Stress

  • Over and under watering (This is where 90% of new trees fail)
  • Over and under fertilization (Over fertilization can cause the soil to actually pull water out of the roots)
  • Physical root damage due to construction or building renovation etc. 
  • Poor soil quality

Tree Care Tips

  • Infrequent deep watering to make trees more drought resistant
  • Mulching to provide beneficial nutrients, shade the roots, prevent weeds from competing for water and nutrients(1 to 3 inches only)
  • Tree trimming promotes a more efficient nutrient transport